About Us

Our company was first established in 1965 as Teknik Makine by Halil HANTAL for machinery manufacturing in Hasköy, Istanbul.

HAN MAKINA Industry Trade Ltd. was established in 1988 in the Company’s new location in Dudullu İMES Organized Industrial Zone and continued to manufacture machinery and spare parts.

Since 1997, our Company has been conducting its business operations in its current manufacturing facilities, which mainly surround the design, development, and production of bearings, rotational systems, and gear groups coupled with such equipment.

And since 2009, our production runs full steam ahead in our Sancaktepe-Istanbul Plant in a closed floor area of 2600 m2.

With our Dilovası plant, which is ready for production with a closed floor area of 16,000 m2, our production will continue with higher production volumes and larger stock capacity.

At HAN Makina, production lines are equipped with fully computer-controlled machines, driving the quality expectations of our customers. The positive feedback we receive from the evaluations of HAN products, compared to their rivals in the field, provides the momentum for us to reach higher goals.

Company History

1965 - 1988

Production started as Teknik Makina Company in 1965 and HAN MAKİNA was established in 1988. 


Bearings were identified as the main production area.


With the new production site in Istanbul Sancaktepe, production dimensions were increased and standards were upgraded.

Over the years, Han Makina carried its production quality to even higher levels with its investments.

Building on its experienced staff and organizational culture, the Company has achieved great success in its products and continued to expand its customer portfolio. This has presented our company with opportunities for new investments.

At Han Makina we will continue to deliver more innovative and more advanced products for the whole world, with enhanced production capabilities in our new plant to be launched in the near future.